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Computer Dot Com With Windows 10 & MS Office 2016, 6 पेपरबैक – 1 जनवरी 2018


Computer Dot Com is a series of 10 books for classes 1 to 10. The series is based on the guidelines introduced by CBSE as well as the syllabi of other major board of education. What makes Computer Dot Com special? We will Learn About: List of topics to be learnt Activity: Warm up activity given to assess the previous learning of concepts Discuss and Learn: Discussion-based questions given to enhance thinking skills Gain Knowledge: Additional information given to enhance knowledge Think and Answer: In-text questions to help students revise the concepts learnt in the class Brainstorm: Questions based on thinking skills given Do and Learn: Sample stepwise lab activities given to help students understand the concepts Computer Etiquette: Computer ethics and manners to be followed while working on a computer Tech Words: Definitions of important terms given at the end of the chapter Quick Recall: Summary of the chapter given for quick revision Exercise Time: Objective and subjective questions included under various segments Apply Your Knowledge: Thought-provoking questions to assess the application of knowledge and enhance thinking skills in students In the Lab: Interesting lab activities given to assess the application of concepts Computer Fun: Sample practical-questions, projects and activities given to strengthen the understanding of concepts Activity Corner: Hands-on activities and projects given to enhance observation, imagination and creativity of children, and promote group work Test Yourself: Question bank given at the end of the book to help students prepare for examination Practice Olvmpiad Sheet: Practice Olympiad questions given to prepare students for Computer Olympiad Interactive Learning App Activities Exercises Technopedia Points to Remember Printable Worksheets Teacher’s Resource Detailed Teacher’s Manual Teacher’s App Online worksheets at Download Teacher’s Support Material at

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